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Eden Court Young Company 

ANY BUDDING YOUNG ACTORS OUT THERE? Of course there are, we have a department full of them! Y’all need to get involved in this…seriously good opportunity! 


To book an audition slot or for more info email

Now in its 8th year, the Eden Court Young Company (ECYC) is an auditioned youth theatre that rehearses on a project by project basis. The ECYC has performed at the National Theatre of Scotland Exchange Festival, the National Festival of Youth Theatre and at Fort George with ‘A Century Untold’. We are auditioning on Wednesday 7 September for a chance to take part in our National Theatre Connections Festival performance in April 2017. Successful applicants must be able to rehearse from October – April (excluding holidays).

If you need help with selecting monologues just ask your drama teacher! We’ll sort you out with something awesome. 

Opportunity for younger siblings! 

Does anyone have any younger brother or sisters who are keen performers? 

balletLORENT are bringing their family production of Snow White to Eden Court in the autumn, and are currently open to receiving applications for their young cast audition which will take place at Eden Court on Tuesday 2nd August. They are looking for 12 children, aged between 6-9 years old, no previous dance experience necessary. 

The application deadline was this Friday coming but it has now been extended to Tuesday 26th July. Please leave your email in the comments below if you wish to be sent further details and an application form. 


Exhausted by We Will Rock You?

Still buzzing from the performances?

Or wishing you’d been part of it?

Here is your chance to benefit from industry experts’ knowledge and learn relevant skills, find out what to expect at a professional audition and be advised on what steps to take to pursue performance as a career. A two-day course at Eden Court will offer you all this and more. What are you waiting for?



A new ITV drama called Loch Ness is being filmed in the Inverness area this summer. The production team are looking for people from the local community to take part in the production as paid extras from Monday 27th June to Monday 4th July. They are looking for adults 17+ years old, all genders and all ethnicities. If you might be interested and would like more detailed information about times, dates, locations etc. you can email ‘Judith’ at

Culloden Puppeteers on the Road Once More!

The Culloden Puppeteers continue their intrepid search for performance audiences!

We tried two new things in the past month – first of all, the puppeteers took their showcase to Waterstones on a Saturday afternoon. The three plays were all based on picture books, and The Scarecrows’ Wedding, The It’s Not Fairy and Capt’n Beastlie’s Pirate Party drew audiences throughout the afternoon. Miraculously, the puppeteers showed just as much enthusiasm during the sixth show as the first. A very good example of what it means to represent Culloden Academy in the community in a really positive way.


Days later, we were on the road again – we had been approached by the Merkinch Community Centre to provide entertainment for 80 (yes, 80!) adults with learning difficulties. Thankfully we had microphones, and once more, the puppeteers rose to the challenge, engaging with the audience and communicating with all, even singing along to some songs with smiles on their faces. The plays were much enjoyed and our pupils arrived back at school with enough encouragement and appreciation to last them a lifetime. Very well done to Kian Forbes, Noor Munawar, Caitlin Wescott, Aimee Williams, Anna Taylor – and Rachael Taylor who single-handedly narrated every show at the Waterstones event.

Exam fear!!! 

Ok so the big day is tomorrow but do not panic. What you do not know now you will not miraculously know tomorrow. Here’s the best advice we can give at this stage – 

National 5 – 


Here you should be writing about your practical exam. No matter what point you make – whether it be about style, character, status, relationship, mood/atmosphere… you MUST explain how effective (or not) this was – otherwise NO MARKS! And remember the magic formula (in any order) *WHAT did you do, HOW did you do it, WHY was it good/bad….*


Read all of the questions first! You need to be sure that your drama covers all the aspects required.

It is helpful if you write a short scenario of your drama on the notes page, just to guide the marker. 

Be specific – give clear examples. Remember the examiner wont visualise your story the way you do! 

When discussing theatre arts (also referred to as production skills or production arts just to confuse you) be specific. DESCRIBE what you see in your head by making reference to colours, textures, fabrics, materials, sizes, heights, etc for every item! Same goes for sound – what is the sound effect, how is it created, what is the song/lyrics, consider instruments, mood, tempo, rhythm, etc. When it asks about lighting, only discuss lighting! You get zero marks for adding extra fancy sound fx of it doesn’t ask for them and you’re just wasting time! And FYI, set dressings are not costumes! Set dressings are decorations that make your set look pretty, or more realistic. 

Use your vocab! And don’t forget the magic formula – 

‘I would use (vocab word)… When (describe clearly the moment)… To show that…’ (why/to create what effect?)


Section 1 – textual analysis 

This is PRU! You had the amazing opportunity to see Pru first hand last week so you can be inspired by what you saw and let it help your descriptions and detail. But remember to ANALYSE the story – what do the significant moments tell us about the characters? You only get one point for storytelling, but you get two points for going in depth. Go for the two! 

READ THE QUESTION! – You must make reference to FIVE features as requested in the question and always link back. Do review your essay structure before going in to the exam because a clear structure helps your marker follow your thought process. 

But best advice now – READ THE PLAY! You must use quotes to justify your points and this will help them to be fresh in your mind! 


Do not review Pru or you will fail! Section 1 and 2 must be different! This is DRAGON! 

Describe describe describe – and always link to your question! 

Otherwise to all of our amazing drama students of 2015-2016….go in there, do your best, and make us proud!!!!!!! 

Why Drama? 

We are asked this question all of the time. It’s exhausting trying to explain the extensive benefits of studying drama but this article sums it up quite nicely, by way of explaining what transferable skills it gives you!


Please remember that we have our trip booked to see ‘The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart’ on Tuesday 17th May – that’s this Tuesday!!!

We will be leaving school at 4pm and returning around midnight. If you own a mobile phone please take it with you so we can all call home when we are near Inverness so no-one has to wait around!

Due to time constraints all meals will be consumed in transit. There are no services on this particular journey so please ensure you have a packed dinner for the bus.

Some of you have yet to return your consent form and some even still have to pay so please do this as soon as possible!!!

All the vital details are below…

Date: Tuesday 17th May 2016
Venue: Blairgowrie Town Hall
Objective of Trip: Performance of ‘The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart’
Transport Arrangements: Mini Bus and Car
Cost: Ticket £10 + Travel £5 = £15 total
Departure time: 4pm
Return time: Midnight approximately
Dress: Smart casual.  No revealing clothing or logos please
Teacher in Charge: Ms Wallace

I Am Thomas 

Van Exan and I saw this last night and were blown away. It is spectacular! Showing for one night more at Eden Court – we beg you to drop everything you are doing and go! You will not be disappointed. This trailer doesn’t even do it justice…..

National Theatre of Scotland 

An amazing opportunity here folks…


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