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Higher Drama Class of 2015 – it’s been an absolute blast. So long and thanks for all the memories, you amazing bunch of students! Fingers crossed for great results in August but no matter what, we are super proud of all that you have achieved this year! Kyra, Emily, Jorden, Caitlin, Katrina, Rhianna and Hayden…we’re sorry you couldn’t make it but do pop in sometime and pick up your awards!!! 



And we made it!!! Both practical and written elements are done and dusted…

so now all that’s left is to celebrate the end!

Calling all Higher Drama pupils!!!

You are invited to an end of year bash on Friday 1st May from 6pm – 8pm at

Velocity Cafe, Crown Avenue, Inverness (map at link below)

We will be providing snacks and refreshments as a thank you for all your hard work and will be organising a presentation of fun awards so dress to impress people! 

Can’t wait to see you all there!



Fingers crossed and the very best of luck to our three super classes for the SQA Drama Exams tomorrow. You are awesome and we believe in every single one of you. Get in there and do us proud!!!


Full attendance is vital from now on. All absences must be discussed with a member of staff as soon as possible. Please start learning your lines, learning song lyrics and practicing your dance routines. This show is in FIVE WEEKS TIME. I’m feeling slightly sick… should be too!!!

Schedule attached here;

rehearsal schedule

Or you can head over to the Hairspray blog and find it displayed on the members only area.


That’s what we like to see!!!!! Our blog stats have shot up dramatically this weekend which means people are studying!  Though we do hope this is mainly our own students and not every other Drama student in the country (plus Wendi Van Exan) So just a few last minute thoughts before your final written paper on Tuesday 28th April….


Amazing work from you all last week in the practical exams – we are beyond proud of you all, and you should be extremely proud too. We would like to think you have a great head start in terms of marks but don’t get complacent as we just can’t be sure. The written paper is still important right now!

Advice – do yourself a favour and just read Pru again before Tuesday. You need to refresh your memory of the plot and quotes to be able to tackle whichever questions come up on the day. On that note, if you are keeping your Pru book for yourself, please have £5 to hand to us before your exam. If you are not keeping your Pru book, please bring it with you to hand to us before your exam.

Medea wise – the resources are all there. Use them.


Keep studying your vocab and remember, it’s all about the detail!!!

FINAL NOTE: I only teach seniors on a Monday so I am free all day. I have stocked up on coffee, tea, hot chocolate, croissants and pan au chocolats so please come join me in room 70 any time! We can study, test, quiz, banter or just channel positive vibes for Tuesday, whilst stuffing our faces. Sounds like a great Monday!



Now we’re all refreshed and ready to rock ‘n’ roll we’ll be spending every extra minute getting organised for our first big scale musical at Culloden Academy. Rehearsals were well underway for ‘Hairspray The Musical’ before the holidays so we now have lots to remind ourselves of and a second act to finish!

It’s a vibrant, fun and colourful show with upbeat tunes that are guaranteed to have you wriggling in your seat! But the musical won’t be a success unless we get a great audience so let’s start selling these tickets!!!

Show dates are;




The Friday night is looking very popular so far with a third sold already!

Tickets are on sale NOW and can be booked online by heading over to the Hairspray Blog


There were reports that the online booking system wasn’t working. After some detective work the problem has been identified and fixed so GO GO GO get those tickets!!!


And we made it! The craziest of terms is now behind us, the sun is shining and we have two glorious weeks off!!!

Congratulations to our National 4 and 5 pupils who performed EXTREMELY well in their exams this week and thank you to those who came along to watch and support their performances. We are so proud!


HIGHERS please keep in mind what I said about taking a break – you absolutely deserve it and you will feel much better on the other side if you are relaxed and refreshed – here is some inspiration for you…

Having said that, Ms Van Exan and I have created some study guides for your exam prep if you want to spend a LITTLE time revising!!!

medea essay in basics

medea tech descriptions final


And don’t forget to look at the info about Acting, Directing and Dramatic Features. 54dr in particular – we didn’t get to go through the ‘dramatic features’ powerpoint so please make sure you have a look.

as an actor…

as a director…

dramatic features




Culloden Academy pupils are making waves in the world of film!

Congratulations to DARREN PAXTON on his recent success. Darren participated in the BFI Film Academy over the summer and made film ‘QWERTY’, which has just been screened at The Delta Moon Student Film Festival in California! It was one of twenty films, from 650 submissions, screened at the event. How cool is that???

Congratulations Darren on an AMAZING achievement and success – we see big things ahead!


calm pants

It’s Sunday evening….the fear is setting in. Not only are we facing the standard Monday blues, but we also know that it’s officially that time when the Drama Department becomes crazy town! Here’s what is happening this week…



Both classes will perform BOTH Acting Exam pieces. Unless you want to be in school until midnight we will have to run both classes simultaneously rather than back to back – there’s just too many of you!

54dr will perform in Ms Van Exan’s room, 53dr will perform in Ms Wallace’s room. We’ll all kick off at 4pm and you can go when you are done, or stay and watch the others. We MUST be done by 7pm so please be focused and organised.

Costume etc not essential unless it specifically affects your performance.

We shouldn’t need to say it but scripts are not permitted – everyone should be off book by now.



It’s Showcase night! Friends and family will be joining us from 7pm to watch the performances.

National 4’s – this is your exam. Please make sure you are awesome!

National 5’s – this is your chance to show off your work to friends and family, but also to see if you really ARE prepared for your exam. There’s no going back from this. Be awesome!

Please bring ALL props, costumes, etc.

This should be as slick and professional a performance as possible, particularly because we have an audience!!!


We shall need your help! We need rooms cleared, lights set up, props organised, sets shifted- please please please lend a hand if you are in or near by. We may provide chocolate. Or you could provide chocolate for us…?


NATIONAL 5’S – register with your tutor teacher immediately and come straight to Drama to set up. Bags in Ms Van Exan’s room please. Check the running order on the wall and make sure you know when your exam is. Times are estimated only – the examiner may take longer between each piece to complete her assessments – but we are aiming to perform during blocks only to avoid the disruption of bells! Ensure you have ALL costumes and props.

S3’S – if you opted for Drama as a subject next year, firstly well done you, and secondly you now get to come watch the exams! But only if you have returned your consent form – if you haven’t, then you can’t come in! Please register with your tutor teacher then go directly to Ms Van Exan’s room where we will organise you all. This experience will give you a good idea of what you are letting yourself in for next year. Be reminded that this is a FORMAL examination and as such, AMAZING BEHAVIOUR is expected. No talking during performances or being disrespectful. Be lovely, pay attention and show our examiner that we have the best pupils in the country. Because we do (most of the time…)


The Drama Department will be closed all day on Thursday for the exams. Keep an eye on the Daily Notices for information on where your class has been moved to. If you are passing the corridor however, PLEASE BE VERY QUIET! Cover work will NOT be practical so bring a pen or pencil and be prepared to work.

It’s going to be crazy but we will get through it with chocolate, cake, smiles and banter – and we will wake up on Friday morning with a whole 2 weeks off!!!

Best of luck to everyone – BE AWESOME!!!!



Before your practical exam, you are required to outline BOTH of your acting roles. Specific reference must be made to interpretation, research, rehearsal process and portrayal. This is what the examiner will base your marks on so you MUST make sure that what you say in this essay is exactly what you do on the day of the exam.

Structure here…

Prep for Performance

Email drafts to either Ms Wallace or Ms Van Exan (whoever you have the double with) who will fix and return. Final essays must be completed and handed in by Thursday 2nd April. Absolutely no excuses or you will probably fail your exam. Just saying.



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