Culloden Academy is a fantastic school in Inverness.

Here at Culloden Academy we take Drama very seriously and we’re lucky to have amazing facilities that allow us to provide drama lessons for every year group in the school from S1 through to S6.

We have two well stocked drama studios for teaching and presenting practical and exam work, as well as a fantastic theatre for staging our productions…

There are lots of other aspects of performing and Production that we enjoy offering to our pupils.

Recently we have staged THREE whole school musical productions to great acclaim! If you look at our recent productions page to see what we have been doing!

We have two Amazing drama teachers from Canada!

Ms Van Exan

Ms Newbury

We have a super team of Drama Prefects who organise our events and keep our department looking beautiful. For session 2018/2019 We have Kaitlin Mackintosh, Lewis Allan, Ewan Robertson, Megan Scott and Jessica Pirie. All super actors, motivators and role models!

Our blog is here to show everyone the amazing work that all the students and staff here in the Drama Department do and to keep everyone in touch with what’s going on right now in our school and community.

We also have a Twitter account to help keep you all in the loop – we’ll be sharing news, what’s on the stage, reviews and (dare we say) homework reminders!!! Follow us @cullodendrama.

*Please note that this is a private account – every follower will have to be approved by us*

We love Drama here at Culloden Academy, and we hope you do too!

5 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Lucy MacGreogr says:

    Hey guys it’s Lucy MacGregor. I am off college on Wednesdays and was wondering if you guys needed or would like a hand in any of your classes and to be honest I could use the experience as I have to do workshops this year and would love to get your opinion and help on and maybe even run the workshop there? Please and thank you

    • And I just realised there’s another comment I forgot about! We’ve got TWO Higher classes this year which means lots of helping hands. All of our classes are super busy with buddies this year but do keep in touch for the year after as you never know what might come up! Thanks for offering though Lucy and hope college is going well!

  2. Kathryn Smith says:

    Hey Mrs Wallace.
    Just to say Samantha won’t be able to come to the Street Car tomorrow.

  3. Lucy MacGregor says:

    Hi there I thought you might like to know that my directing piece will be on the 25th of November which is one of three that starts at 18:00 and I will be performing in another piece on the 26th of November which is again one of three at 14:00 if you could come to either of them I would really appreciate it. It will be at Midmills campus in the theatre

    • Hi Lucy
      That’s great news and thanks for inviting us. Unfortunately we won’t be able to attend on the 26th as both myself and Ms Van Exan are teaching in the afternoon. We will pop the 25th in our diaries and hopefully will be able to make it; children, dogs and fatigue pending! It’s a super busy time of year!!! Best of luck, Ms Wallace x

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