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A huge well done to two of our senior drama pupils, Talia Bagnall and Vicky Macrae, who have just performed in West Side Story with Starlight Musical Theatre group.

The girls completed a 5 show run performing with great energy, enthusiasm and professionalism throughout every show. We are so very proud of them both for all they have achieved and look forward to seeing many more performances from these two stars in the making!

For those who saw the show, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. For anyone who missed it, here are a few snapshots of the girls in action (photo credit; David Darge) – Talia as the character of ‘Anybody’s‘ and Vicky performing in the classic song ‘America‘.



Special mention also to former pupil Roddy MacDonald who played the character of  ‘Baby John’ . Roddy has just completed one year of performance training in London and WOW, how impressed we were to see how much he has developed as a performer!!! Very,very proud!

We love seeing our pupils – old and new – showcasing their talents so please do always keep us posted on any upcoming performances. Congrats again to all involved in this incredible show – very well done indeed!

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With Section B of your exam requiring a review of a live performance, we are pulling out all the stops to see as many productions as possible to give you a wide choice. We’ve already seen the spectacular Curious Incident, now to an updated and contemporary adaptation of the classic greek tragedy, Medea.

Medea is a wife and a mother. For the sake of her husband, Jason, she’s left her home and borne two sons in exile. But when he abandons his family for a new life, Medea faces banishment and separation from her children. Cornered, she begs for one day’s grace. It’s time enough. She exacts an appalling revenge and destroys everything she holds dear. Helen McCrory returns to the National to take the title role in Euripides’ powerful tragedy, in a new version by Ben Power with music written by Will Gregory and Alison Goldfrapp.

This trip takes place on Tuesday 30th September. The screening starts at 11am so we will be leaving school at 10am. See Ms Wallace or Ms Van Exan for a permission slip and get it in to either of us asap.

There are a few videos below to give you some insight – one with Director Carrie Cracknell and another with Leading Actress, Helen McCrory.


A huge well done to both of our Higher Drama classes who put on an excellent show on Friday evening at Clava Cairns. It was pretty cold, the midgies were out in force, but you all held it together so well and presented some excellent pieces of drama.

The audience feedback so far has been very positive and would we would like to invite those still to share their thoughts to do so by commenting on this post. This will help the pupils to complete their evaluation of the project – a requirement for passing the unit.

Here are some photos of the event for you to have a look at – a film edit will follow shortly! Well done everyone…now we can all enjoy a WELL DESERVED holiday!!!

















A reminder that the British Film Institute are running a workshop for 16-19 year olds over the summer holidays – an amazing opportunity for any budding film makers to work with professionals from the industry and learn from them.

Based at Eden Court cinema, the workshops will take place over a two month period (8th July-30th August) and will involve 3 weeks of training in all aspects of filmmaking (Tuesdays and Thursdays in July) and following this the participants will be making a short film involving two days of filming and two days of editing over weekends in August.

What is involved? 

  1. Three weeks (two days a week) of training covering everything from storytelling/storyboarding, camera workshops, sound and sound design, editing to directing, composition, acting and production. In these three weeks you will also develop a short film script that will be made into a film by the group – Dates: Tues 8th, Thurs 10th, Tues 15th, Thurs 17th, Tues 22nd, Thurs 24th July 2014. 
  2. Two days filming of the short film developed by the group – Dates: Sat 16th and Sun 17th August 2014.
  3. Two days editing of the short film developed by the group – Dates: Sat 23rd and Sun 24th August 2014
  4. A special screening of the finished film at Eden Court in Inverness on Saturday 30th August 2014.

All of this for just £25!!! Remember you must apply to join and can do so here…




Friday 27th June is the Higher Drama performance at local historical site Clava Cairns.

Starting with the theme of ‘Secrets & Lies’, pupils collected their own stimuli to create their stimulus wall below.


 They then visited the site to explore their surroundings and find further inspiration for creating a drama. Pupils will utilise the whole area – performing on the ground, in trees and in the tombs themselves.Clava_Cairns_2 Clava_Cairns_3 dsc01440 dsc01532

The pupils have now developed 10-15 short stories that will join together in one promenade performance tonight that the audience will follow on foot.  The performance starts at 6pm and we hope you will come and join us. Please wear appropriate footwear as the ground is very uneven – even Ms Wallace has her flats looked out!

After the performance, we would like you to share your feedback so pupils can effectively evaluate their work. Tell us what you think by commenting below or by tweeting @cullodendrama.


Check out the link to THE NORTHERN TIMES who mention our involvement in Five Minute Theatre!

Feels like we’re getting slightly famous!!!


Congratulations to our amazing drama pupils who were recorded yesterday by The National Theatre of Scotland for the Five Minute Theatre Show. Their performance of ‘The Dance of Don’t Know’ written by local playwright and former Culloden pupil, Jennifer Henderson, required just one take – such professionals! It tells the story of a group of pupils in a social dance class at school. They are considering what it means to be Scottish as they tell ‘the new boy’ about his new home. Dancing, live music and some romance! Here are a few photos from rehearsals – and if you didn’t see it streamed earlier today on then have a look at the clip below!

S2050095 S2050094 S2050093 S2050092 S2050091 S2050050 S2050047 S2050045

S2050031 S2050028 S2050023

Our pupils were also interviewed by the BBC and this was featured on BBC Radio Scotland’s Culture Show yesterday. You can listen again here – (we’re about 30 minutes into the programme) Well done to our star pupils who were articulate, polite and were a real credit to the school! So proud!

The big day has arrived!!!

Today we will be recording our five minute production for The National Theatre of Scotland. All cast members please come to the theatre for blocks 5 and 6. We hope to record around 3.30 so be prepared to stay a little later than normal. We hope you’ve perfected those ceilidh moves!!!




Once upon a time, fifteen pupils, a librarian and a Drama teacher made their way to Culloden library to entertain local toddlers with four traditional fairy tales…

The Culloden Academy Puppetry Club is one of the Drama department’s more recent ventures. Open to S1-S3, it runs weekly and had its first public performance at Culloden Library on 7th June, in combination with the regular Saturday storytime slot. Pupils performed tales as diverse as The Frog Prince, The Princess and the Pea, Sleeping Beauty and Spirit in the Bottle.

The room was full to capacity with young children and their parents. The puppeteers were a credit to the school and we were incredibly proud of them as the audience’s giggles and shrieks gave way to loud applause! Mrs Gowans, the school librarian, entertained the children while each new group set up, and changes were smooth due to our excellent backstage team, especially sound operator, Lewis Allan.

Just a few quotes to give you a flavour:

It was much better than I expected. You got to do much more than just acting, like making props and doing the whole thing. You get to work with your friends, which makes it fun!” (Erin Matheson)

“I really liked hearing the little kids laugh in all the right bits. And no-one’s looking at you.” (Shannon Pryde)

“I really thought I was going to be more nervous, but I wasn’t. My favourite bit was walking around the kids with the puppets after the performance.” (Kelly Pryde)

“It was enjoyable because performing is fun with your friends. My sister and Mum saw it and they loved it!” (Kaitlin Mackintosh)

“I think we worked well as a team and managed to pull off all of the voices!” (Ewan Robertson)

We hope to take the fairy tales to some local nurseries as well as preparing for a Halloween showcase at the library. Shadow puppetry and marionettes are next on our to do list, so prepare to be amazed!

If anyone has unused puppets they would like to donate, these would be very welcome. Please send them to Mrs Henderson in the Drama Department.


How very exciting – our 5 minute production has been specifically mentioned in the National Theatre of Scotland’s official press release! See here for full details…

It’s also really interesting to find out what others from around the world are submitting – this is going to be a fantastic 24 hours of theatre and we can’t wait to watch online!

The BBC documentary (hopefully featuring us…) will be aired on BBC Radio Scotland on July 9th at 1.30pm. Make sure you tune in!!!


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